March Goals

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After the suck that is January, February flew by! And now it’s March, time to get serious about spring races, focus on longer evenings with daylight lasting until after 7pm and losing that heavy coat.

There is also the matter of The Bee’s birthday, welcoming Spring and the new of a new season.

February recap

Train for spring races: I ran 32.8 miles. Not bad considering how many times I hit snooze most mornings. 
Flexy February: I think I gave up yoga sometime in the early parts of the month. The Librarian was practicing with me but one night he didn’t feel like practicing, another night I had an assignment due and next thing I knew, a week of so had passed. 
Become and Iron Maiden: I added weight training via the Peloton app to my routine and I get what the girlies love it! Classes from 5-60 minutes and they hit!
Get Better Sleep: Still working on this one. That sleep revenge thing, y’all…

Since March is marching forth (this joke would have totally killed yesterday) let’s set some intentions for the month.

March Goals

  • Get better sleep. I have been intentionally going to bed earlier these first days of the month and surprise, surprise – it does make for a better tomorrow. Now to be consistent. 
  • Add more miles to my weekly total. I am running FOUR races next month and if my runs this weekend are any indication, ya girl is going to be in trouble!  
  • Continue with weight training. Those workouts came with a whole lot of fussin’ but when I squint and pose a certain angle, I can totally see some definition. 
  • Mobile March? I am restarting my intentions to practice yoga daily. There are so many shorter routines so that feeling of time constraint isn’t an issue. Also, I do like that I am not grunting as much when I get up.
  • Reduce screen time. Last week I spent so much time on social media. Some of it was procrastination. Life was feeling a little crazy so I needed to disconnect for a bit. The amount of screentime could be spent catching up on classes, continuing my decluttering and other projects that I have been neglecting. 

Races on the horizon

3/26 Love Run I haven’t actually signed up for this one BUT that shirt and medal is speaking to me. 

4/1 Hot Chocolate (10K) 

4/2 Credit Union Cherry Blossom (10m) 

4/16 Donor Dash (10K) Insert shameless plus for my search for a living donor. 

4/26 Delaware Running Festival (13.1 miles) Save 10% with the code DELAWAREBIB23.

4/30 Broad Street Run (10 m) Another shameless plug to donate to my American Cancer Fund Fundraiser

5/20 RBC Brooklyn Half (13.1)

What’s your March looking like? Leave me a comment that I will address in the morning because it’s almost my bedtime and ya girl is going to sleep. 




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