Making Tracks

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There are five regular spots where I wog:
Beverly Hills Middle School (cue Weezer), Monsignor Bonner High School, Pennwood High School, Marshall Field and now:
Upper Darby High School.

For reason that elude me I have never used the track at Upper Darby High. Perhaps the idea of having to drive to the track felt lazy (this despite the fact that I regularly drive to PW or BH coupling my wogs with some other car related errand) or because something about the high school felt unwelcoming. Perhaps it was the feeling of being secluded; It sits back and down below the street level.

As the largest high school in the state of Pennsylvania I have nothing to worry about. The track is EIGHT lanes wide with four lanes dedicated strictly to walkers and joggers. The track is clearly marked, and smooth. No rocks or trash here!
It’s like Wild Kingdom up in there! A beaver family, lots of tweeting birds, and there are bunnies!
Bunnies, bunnies,bunnies,bunnies, BUNNIES!
My sister saw a fox that she thought was a cat.
Um, OK.
I am not a yoga fan but I took my mat and had a nice stretch.
My reviews:
UDHS: Smooth.
MBHS: Smooth track and well-lit. Not a lot of shade; wear your sunscreen. Also, on windy days be prepared to get blown in all directions.
BHMS: Bunnies! Also, beware of the rocky terrain.
PWHS: Rocky Terrain, a bit isolated. Lots of squirrels and people always want to walk their dogs here? Why?
Marshall Field: Not really a track but close to home. The kids can play on the field or at the playground while I am working out.
This time two years ago I had quit training. While I am still at only at a wog or a VERY slow run, I can say that I am still out there hitting the track, getting up EARLY and getting it done.
Making Tracks,


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    Biter! Why did you steal my idea?

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    You took too long to post. Not shut the bleep up and sit down somewhere.

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