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After what seems like scores of e-mails, frantic phone calls with requests for yet another document, and tons of books, we’ve moved! The Bee and I said farewell to our little house (a house that served us quite well) and said hello to this dynamic new household which includes The Librarian (swoon) and a huge space  that begs to create new memories.


One of the first things we did was to arrange to have our service from Verizon moved from our former address to our new home.

Priorities people. While The Bee helped Mom set up our kitchen, The Librarian worked at moving yet another box of books (for the love of Barbara…there are so many books!) and I grabbed a few things from the old house, a professional from Verizon worked at installing services.

Let the unpacking begin. #newhome

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While it was easy enough to arrange the switch, complications did arise. One issue was the change in settlement date which was pushed back a month. Because of this delay, I had to call Verizon to rearrange service at the new address. This resulted in the most confusing parts of my experience. It appeared that the pending order could not be changed by the customer service representative who had to call a couple of other departments for assistance. I was eventually connected to FIOS specialist by the name of Katherine P and she was able to set me up for my desired installment date, get me a plan that would allow me to have high speed services and to watch all of the channels I wanted.

The day our service was installed was a few days after we made settlement on our new home. There may have been some wishful thinking on my part; I may have sort of believe that I was going to be unpacked and settled and ready to chill in front of a TV mere days after we settled but best laid plans and all…. Any who, Karl arrived early and explained every bit of the process as he went along. He gave different options for wiring, explained how we could get the best set-up for our television and explained what a wireless booster was and whether or not it would benefit our home. Karl eased his way through the chaos that is moving and got us hooked up, explained how things worked and even left his cell phone for us in case we had questions that we remembered after he left.

A week later and the house is all connected…digitally at least. The Librarian and I can both check e-mail and prep for the return to work while streaming music or the latest podcast. The Bee is able to get her summer assignments and connect with her friends. Amazingly, this can happen at the same time without any interruptions in service.


Combining households has not been the smoothest event. Two of everything: sets of dishes, households items, loads and loads of books. It’s stressful and messy but, other than taking a dust rag to my furniture a bit more often, I would not change a thing.


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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Congratulations on your new home, Rachee! May it be filled to the brim with love and joy.

    1. Rachee says:

      Thank you so much Mary Beth!

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