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or what you wear under *there*.

r’s note: Today I am writing about under garments. This post is totally TMI.

The last time I was fitted for a bra was a good [redacted] pounds ago. I was active at the gym and there was muscle in places that now shake and, quite frankly, there was less of me to love. I was fitted, got my size and ran with it, wearing the same size bra since forever and it worked for me.

Sort of.

I’m free!

Some days I would come home and rip my bra off, wincing at the red marks from where it dug into my shoulder. Then there were the days in which my bra would bite into my back so painfully that I would do moves that would cause a cringe from my kid as I became a contortionist whipping my bra off as we drove home. Sure I would buy new bras but they were from the sales rack and in the size I was fitted in oh so long ago. The plans to go for a proper fitting kept being delayed. As far as I knew bra wearing for ladies with generous proportions was akin to pain and I was to just deal with it. Besides, wearing a bra for a larger chest was not my ideal. I’ve seen those things…they look like like mini catapults! And instead of cute lacy, frilly  things, these were serious looking machines.

No thank you!

At the Mom Mixer hosted by Whitney and Colleen, I had the opportunity to be fitted for a bra. Representatives from Barely There shared products and I am loving what I felt. The products are comfortable, pretty and feel good.
 During my fitting (which in hindsight I was not at all uncomfortable about having had it done in front of a room full of women!) I learned that I was wearing a bra three sizes too small. It’s no wonder that I always look so…va-va-voomy in a Charo type way and am always counting down the time until I can take my bra off!

Anyway, the selection of undergarments are very cute. There are functional bras that sort of fit like a sports bra. There are the traditional bras that are also seamless and a variety of cute styles and available in all sizes. The bras comes in five sizes from extra small through extra large and the bands can  be adjusted as needed.

As soon as I got home I swapped bras and I just felt better. No under wires, no seams and the bra is just very comfortable. The seamless underwear were also a hit. They set is comfortable, soft and lived up to that name, barely there.

Don’t believe me?
Check them out on Facebook or Twitter and read what others have to say.
I feel confident saying that there will never be the contortionist move of ripping off my bra. Unless its to change into a Barely There.



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