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In which excuses are presented in a fun way.

So, this week when I weighed in the scale remained exactly the same: Fat Ass. Seriously, my weight is exactly the same as last week and nope, not gonna even try to make some excuses. I totally haven’t done the work, I have not even attempted to watch what I eat and quite frankly I am surprised that I don’t weigh more.

I was at a conference this week (that post soon on Say it Rah-shay) and the most exercise I got was hustling through the exhibits hall trying to get a brownie and rushing to fill out my name to enter the giveaways.

That said, here are someecard pins that just spoke to me.

I went to the gym exactly once in the last two weeks.
I was thinking of going tomorrow but I’m not even going to lie. I plan to sleep in until the last possible second and then rush to work.

There were two buffets at the conference plus a whole heckuva a lot of chocolate.
You may let your imaginations fly.

I *forgot* to bring my sneakers with me while away. Of course I justified this by telling myself that there was not enough time during the day.
Cause, um, yes.
Moving on.

My intentions were good as I slept in them!

But…I live in a world in which if I don’t share with social media, it didn’t really happen!

I’m not making excuses, I’m not making promises. I will get started again and, well, hopefully it’s funny.



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