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r’s note…the a to z blogging challenge I joined is complete but I thought I would continue on.

Act I
A few months ago The Bee asked if she could participate in the Middle School play. She had originally signed up to be a lyricist. I called The Dad, made arrangements for her to be picked up and forgot all about it until the school’s music teacher sent an e-mail reminding parents that the children who wanted to be lyricist had a meeting. When I asked The Bee about it, she said that she was helping to write the lyrics to music, some of it from the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.  My initial thought was “Whoa! What the ham fat am I going to be seeing? which quickly delved into, wait; are you *IN* the play?  The Bee was excited and soon I remembered that it wasn’t all about me and was happily introduced to Jai Ho and some other songs that sounded like they belonged on Channel 23 late Saturday evenings.

Act II
Rehearsals…The Bee was cast as attendant three (a spacey, sarcastic type) and an old lady. Play practice began. For weeks it seemed as if The Dad and I were making arrangements for The Bee to stay after school and practice making sure she was picked up and fed, homework done (another post altogether…homework!). We’ve listened to that CD a score of times and we ‘ran’ lines.

The Bee told me about being filmed for the opening and closing numbers…Jai Ho. The parent who filmed the video is a professional and the kids looked fabulous. They looked excited, invested and so happy! They filmed this for the closing scene and when Buffy came to see the play she wept like a baby when she saw The Bee dancing.

Showtime…and The Bee was fantastic! The play was funny, the music funky and I am so proud of her! I am proud of all of the kids that put in all of the hard work that they did to get the play together. The teachers who wrote the play and produced the music, the behind the scenes and everyone who made it work.

Tim welcoming the full house
Afterwards we headed out with some of the other cast members and their families to eat ice cream and let the kids hang and enjoy the high from showtime.* 
A great night for all. The Bee wants to perform again and if all goes well, that may actually be a reality.

The Bee entering.
Sorry for the crappy iPhone picture

On stage
More crappy iPhone pictures

 Channelling my Mama Rose,

*This is one of the things that makes me want to reconsider switching schools…sigh!


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