Look What’s Hooking!

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After NOT crocheting during National Crochet month (I know, I know) I picked up my favorite hook, a Susan Bates ‘I’, the skein of yarn a patron donated to me (thanks La, La, La Liz!) and jumped back into my Ravelry group, ‘Block a Month’. The Bee is getting a new bedroom and I wanted to finish the blanket that I started last________ (redacted, I am too embarrased to admit when I actually started).

So this month, on the hook:
The Arches Square by Dayna
A Beach tote (Pop’s BFF has requested one but I am thinking that it will be for The Bee’s teacher as I never finished the Cottage Socks that I started waaay back in the merry land of November)
A Star Trek Communicator Pin (yes, I am going there!)

Happily hooking!


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