Listicles: Last Day

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So today was the last official day at the place I called work for the last 12 years and it still doesn’t feel real. I am going to take a little under two weeks off and then jump into the thick of a new role at a new location.

Highights of the last day

  1. Homemade cards written and decorated by library littles who were only mere months old when I first met them.
  2. The baby of the family who lived next door to the library let me hold him and did not scream his head off!
  3. Two of the moms are pregnant and one let me feel her daughter’s kick.
  4. Coffee from the other pregnant mom who called me friend (it does not take much)
  5. The teens who hugged me and whispered that I always listened to them.
  6. The mom who I didn’t really know but she overheard me taking about my last day and thanked me for helping her family.
  7. The Library board member who stopped by to thank me for my service and chatted with me about how our library has changed.
  8. Cake!
  9. The Friends Group President who gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers and also chatted with me about The Bee (she and The Bee went to the same high school).
  10. The feeling of a job well done.

By no means is this the complete list. There have been so many highs with this job but as I type it is hard to wrap my mind around the changes that are happening. The Librarian, after I blubbered in his ear about what the holy heck was I doing, noted that change, while difficult, is necessary for growth. So I will sniffle while sorting through old notes but am ready for the next stage of life.


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