Liliana gets Fresh

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In which my cat gets spoiled.

She misses NO meals!
I was given the opportunity to review and have Liliana sample Freshpet products. I contacted the company and was asked to supply info about Liliana’s dietary needs, weight and type. In return I was sent a package of products that were over-nighted to me since they had to be refrigerated.

I was asked for Liliana’s weight as the food is portioned for animals in particular sizes. in return I received two each of Chicken and Shrimp in sauce, Turkey and Liver in Sauce and Ocean Whitefish and Salmon in sauce. We also got a bag of Fresh Pet Select Roasted Meals Chicken Recipe With Carrots & Spinach Cat Food, a kibble type food that comes in a resealable package. All items had to be refrigerated.
From the website, Freshpet is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient profiles for all life stages. This package contains fresh chicken, liver, ocean whitefish and egg, vegetables and 18 vitamins and minerals.

Liliana usually eats Purina Cat Chow (don’t judge me) and weekly I supplement the kibble with soft food. This cat food was a treat. She is a decent eater, usually nibbling but not really cleaning or finishing everything in her bowl. She is a beggar, circling The Bee or my legs as we enter the kitchen or meowing pitifully if she sees us eating. With the Freshpet food she ate with great gusto, cleaning her bowl after each serving (although this really hasn’t stopped the begging).

The food has a pleasant smell. When opening the containers or bag I found that the smell was quite fragrant and I didn’t worry that I would spill some on me hand and have to contend with yucky cat food smell. Since the food has to be kept refrigerated the lack of unpleasant odor made me less reluctant to have cat food near my “people” food.

The appearance was of real food and not a pureed mess. I’m sorry but the sight and smell of cat food can be…gross. This food looked appealing and desirable. I know Lil is just a cat but she deserves not to eat junk too.

The ingredients were a surprise.
Chicken broth, chicken, shrimp, beef…the list goes on. I really felt good about feeding Lily this food and was reluctant to go back to her normal chow (which she has to eat until we can grab more Freshpet from the market). As I read the list of ingredients The Bee remarked that she wished she were a cat.

Price and availability.
The closest market to me claims not to have Freshpet for cats on their shelves. The other places I called seemed puzzled when I asked if the product was available. I tried to check the price online with no luck. Each time I am directed to contact the stores.

Depending on the price I will be getting more Freshpet for Lily. She enjoyed the food and her fur is looking pretty good. She seems as energetic and frisky as ever and for our week of food has not gained any extra weight.

Sitting on kid’s homework.
Normal activity for our house

Going on a cat food hunt,

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  1. Freshpet says:

    We’re glad Liliana enjoyed it, it makes us happy to see pets happy after all that hard work we did in the kitchen.

    P.S. This is hilarious: “Liliana usually eats Purina Cat Chow (don’t judge me).”

    Ha Ha, we guess there won’t be any fear of judgment now that you’re part of the FRESH family! Welcome aboard!

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