Laundry, Libraries and Litter

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I have been washing clothes all week. The Bee and I got a new washer so there will be no more trips to the Klaundromat (the place we used was inexplicably called “K” Laundry and Effin’ Guy culled the term Klaundromat), no more bootleg DVD man, no more unwanted viewings of gratuitous butt cracks and no screaming bored kids!

I really don’t care for the battle of Mt Laundry but after far too long of schlepping baskets of clothes back and forth to be washed, I am on cloud nine, over the moon and doing a happy dance each time I hear the rumble of the machine, the buzz from the dryer and know that I only have to walk down a flight of steps to get my clean clothes.

Where I’ll be in about a month:

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In order to get the basement ready, I enlisted Effin Guy to help me get things done. It’s a work in progress; the house was my grandmother’s and when she was able she did all the things necessary to keeping her house clean. Years of neglect took its toll and there are lots of dust dinos, crumbling plaster and other eye sores that are calling my name. It’s hard and often frustrating work but it’s so nice to merely descend steps to get my laundry than to have to make an all day plan.

Which leads me to litter.  The City of Filthdelphia has a new war on litter and I’m down with that. Nothing is as frustrating as sweeping the front only to return  few hours later to bags of Wise potato chips dotting your garden. Or putting the trash out and having half of it left in front of your house. I’ll eat it; I’m sure as the trash collectors work their way up and down the streets its tough to have to pick up all of the trash that people leave but really? I won’t turn this into a bitchfest but I find it quite compelling that under “litter-known” facts the seventh reason for so much trash in the city is “Household trash scattered before or during collection.

Anywho, there are now to be hidden cameras to catch people dumping their trash. I need to hook up a camera for the workers who left my recycling. And trashed my container.

The Storytime Throne that I failed
 to get a picture of me sitting on!


Lastly, libraries.
Last week was National Library Week and I had the chance to do a special reading at The Please Touch Museum. I was so nervous, thinking there would be a whole mess of chi-chi-foo-foo families and (even if there were some) I had such a great time! It was so much fun; I read my favorite books and LL from another library and I rocked it!

The museum is gorgeous; so much bigger than when I used to take The Bee although I am considering borrowing a kid so that we could visit again. Nah.

While I was there I had a chance to run the piano and well…

The Piano from BIG!

Yes. This is me

Me again!


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