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Family Dance Party with Just Dance 2018

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A few weeks ago we received a copy of Ubisoft’s Just Dance from Ubisoft to facilitate this review. This is a sponsored post. This week we busted out the game and had an impromptu dance party. This is our story.


Just Dance 2018 | Say it Rah-shay


The Just Dance game series used to be a staple in our family for years. Holidays, family get together, impromptu dinner nights would find us shaking it up to pop songs on Just Dance (fill in the year). At first it was more like blackmail. As we would be grooving my sister would be filming it, ready to post to social media for laughs. Eventually it was a thing that made our family come together and forget the stress of the week and have a fun together.

Then the kids got older and wanted to do other things, life got busier and those nights of shaking what your mama gave you were gone.

We would see the new releases of Just Dance and talk about getting copies of the game but work, ya know? And then there were issues of family members not feeling well and not able to participate fully and this excuse and that until Just Dance sat just unused on the shelf.

The chance to review a copy of Just Dance 2018 was presented and, like some digital pied piper, my family was drawn to console and started to play. Well, one evening we decided to make a light dinner which became a BLT bar, Pop invited herself over and while we waited for the bacon of the “BLT” to cook, we busted out the game and had a Wednesday night game party.

Just Dance 2018 | Say it Rah-shay

As The Librarian had never played before so he was excited to give it a try. The Bee and Pop were excited to have the highest score so a mini competition erupted between the two of them. As for me, I was happy to be able to work my way through a few dances before I had to take a break.

Things you need to know about the 2018 version of Just Dance:

  • Just Dance uses an app which is free and downloaded to your phone in order to record your moves. After a few questions to set up the app, you are ready to shake and dance.
  • Please note…you must be careful as the phone is the controller and there were times that the phone went flying from someone’s hand in the midst of some dance movement.
  • Just Dance 2018 | Say it Rah-shay

    The Just Dance app

  • Be prepared to sweat! I have a new respect for dancers…three minutes seems like a long time as you try to dance and move!
  • One of the best (and worst!) things about Just Dance is a false sense of being able to dance. In my experience, I start checking out the moves on-screen and feel like I am a back up dance for Beyonce. In real life I am more like a back up dancer for some third string Beyonce cover band. However I have decided that i am ok playing the dance floor fool and will run with it.
  • It’s fun! Having shared it with The Librarian, who had never played, and The Bee and Pop made for a fun middle of the week dance party. We laughed and danced and explored the options to personalize the game.
  • There is a workout section so if you are thinking about adding cardio to your daily routine, why not groove with Just Dance 2018?


Check out the list of songs for the new version here. Our favorites are Big Freedia “Make if Jingle” and Psy “New Face” Let me know what you are already to groove to!

Just Dance 2018 is available for Play Station, Xbox, Wii U, Nintendo Connect. Additional songs can be downloaded.

r’s note: I received a free copy of Just Dance 2018 to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are mine. 




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