June Fitness Roundup

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In which I chat miles, weight loss and that skirt that fits!

I did the math.

There are roughly 184 days left in 2015 and I’ve only completed 49 miles from January to June. I have a lot of catching up to do if I plan on reaching my goal of  365 miles in 365 days. I will need to double up on some days to catch up because I know when it gets cold I will be loath to wog outdoors.  I also want to take into account those days when I suffer from the “I just cannot” aka when the part time gig starts. I’ve cancelled my gym membership; I wasn’t using it and when I get ready for major weight training  I will unfreeze and use that as an alternative to working out outdoors.

Nike plus runs

Close but no cigar.

Last month I banged out 24 miles, impressive for me. A few things that helped me get it in:

  • I joined an accountability group on Facebook. The admin of the group was awesome about making sure we checked in, the group was very supportive and it was a way to share and celebrate the little wins.
  • My clothes fit! A skirt I got, which knowingly purchased in spite it being snug around the waist, fits! I can zip it without a huge inhale and I can wear it all day without feeling like I am in a vise grip.
  • Doing something for myself made the rest of the day easy breezy. Summer is rough at work; more people, busier, shenanigans ensue. Doing something for myself at the start of my day makes not mind the rest of my days.
  • Recording my food. It’s a pain at times but seeing what I am putting in my body makes me realize that I can choose to eat a little crap or save my calories for lots of yummy good things. I still have my cravings but moderation is key and I have been learning that if I say “No” to the cookie it’s not the end of the world.
    I have been playing a game on my phone and I faithfully collect a reward each day. Over 200 days in fact. If I can remember to collect my reward I can darn sure record my meals.
  • Weight loss inspiration comes from many places

    If I can do this I can log my meals

  • Walking my neighborhood is soothing. Philly is not so bad, although my neighborhood can be a bit dicey. Walking gives me an opportunity to see  my neighbors, seeing what’s going on and discovering jazz in the park as well as a spot where I can take my yarn and create under the sun (well under a tree under the sun).
Philly cats

Philly cats have all the ‘dude.

  • The Nike Plus app. I love when people cheer me on. I am not even going to fake it. It makes me feel good to know that people care and that I am not so alone. Each step is less hellish and I feel like I can do more.


I started June depressed about my break-up, feeling a bit low and awful but I channeled those feelings into action and have been taking walks instead of moping. I have my days but I have been feeling better than I have in a while. The true test came during some jumping up and down at work and not needing a long recovery! I didn’t sound like Darth Vader and none of the parents asked me if I needed a drink of water. I did sweat but I am totally blaming that on the lack of air conditioner at work.

I am almost at my first goal. I started the program at 204 pounds (!) and am down to 189 pounds! I set mini goals for myself, the first being to lose 10% of my body weight. In a few more pounds I will revamp my plan to reach my next goal. I’d like to be in shape for 42 and I feel confident that my goal will be met.  I can see the light…er me!

Tell me your favorite weight loss plans, workouts, meals, whatever it is you do to stay in shape. I am especially looking for ab routines and something for my arms.

Workin’ on my fitness,



PS: This was a total me, me, me post. My bad! I just feel really excited about my progress.



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