July #Vlogging Challenge: Day 6 Something is Missing #BEJulyChallenge14

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It’s day 6 of the Blogging Empire Society’s July challenge and today we are sharing something or someone we miss.
Cue Goethe….

I have a few friends that I reconnecting with so I am feeling quite good in the missing “someone” department but will admit to missing a thing. Check out the video here and find out what it is!

day 6

Want to know more about the Blogging Empire Society and the prompt?

From the site: 

How it works
Bloggers please create a category or a tag and add the url to category or tag (BE July challenge 2014) to the linky below. Each day write a post about that day’s prompt. Then get sharing, visiting other bloggers and more. If you take part in the challenge we would love you to grab the button and/or the linky. We will be tweeting and sharing posts at random so be sure you are getting in on it all.


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As a bonus here are some songs I love about missing things:

John Waite: Missing You 

Jem and the Holograms – “Something Is Missing In My Life

Kris Kross – I Missed The Bus



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