It’s October?!

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Lately, October finds me finds myself both weepy, because another year is passing by and excited, because a new year is coming up. This year, instead of bemoaning what is and what is not, I challenged myself to spend this month doing life, starting with the Everyday Eyecandy October photo challenge. However, in addition to the photo challenge, I am using her prompts for some blog posts.

So, allow me to share some random things about myself, with a listicle. Aside: are we still using “listicle” or is it just me? Probs just me. 

Anywho, It’s me, Rachée!

  1. As I count the days down to my birthday, I find myself in that weird place where my existence is some bastardized ironic version of Murphy’s Law. Like, work is hella stressful BUT that stress has fueled my motivation to run (wog) therefore I am working out regularly, however I’ve been waking up kinda dizzy so I don’t always get up and make my morning runs but I feel well enough to go on in to work, where I spend the day chasing away a headache but otherwise my butt is looking awesome. 
    Yeah. I’m an old rambling lady.

  2. Speaking of running (wogging) I am doing a challenge called “Runtober.” I promised myself that I was going to run/wog/walk at least one mile each day during the month of October. I’ve posted my whole TWO days of runs on Instagram (follow me there!)

  3. My sweet daughter is becoming a wonderful young lady and I’m proid that I helped raise such a lovely person, and also amazed that *I* raised a kid! I will keep it real…it’s tricky as we navigate me fumbling through parenting an adult.
    Spoiler…this ish is tough!

  4. I am really struggling with mess and wonder HOW do people keep house? Between Mount Laundry, the dishes and the two kittens we adopted, my house is a royal wreck. I find myself hesitating having friends over. The Librarian and sometimes The Bee pitch in to keep the dust bunnies at bay but dig it, between work, working out, life in general, there are times when I am navigating piles of junk and seriously considering tossing it all.
  5. It’s soup season and I am excited! Each Sunday I make soup for dinner therefore each Sunday is a “Souper Sunday!” (See what I did there?)

  6. I have lost my knit and crochet mojo. I have been picking through my yarn and needles but meh. I have destashed a good amount of yarn but actually finishing a project…womp womp. 
  7. My yarn love has been replaced with cookbook hoarding (I’m being real) BUT I have been actually using the cookbooks so not so bad?

  8. I stay up way too late reading and watching TV and looking for memes. My favorites are:

  9. I am currently listening to Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and oh I am jumping on the Pratchett/Gaiman train. This book is funny, quirky and so enjoyable to read!

That’s all for me party people. Tell me all about you! Leave a comment, visit me on Instagram or one of my other social media spaces.

Stay groovy!


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