It’s Gonna Be May

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In which I try to work out some private thoughts on a public format whilst momming up a a meme doing a listicle!

The last time I updated this space, I was new to my job and wondering WTEF was going on. Most days I still have a few WTF moments but I am no longer dreaming about ways that I won’t have to work; worst case scenario some accident leaves me unable to work but able to watch bad tv and knit all day. It’s still a little tricky trying to navigate this new role; I find myself giddy and panicked in my office thinking “I’m in charge?!” but more and more I am finding my stride and putting my Rachee stamp on things. Dare I say it…the place feels a little more like normal.

With May bringing warmer weather, the unusual becoming the norm and generally being able to get a handle on all of the things that had been making me feel emotionally drained, I feel excited about what’s coming and here is the promised listicle:

  1. I am back with community theater. Well…I m am working sound for a play and I am loving it. I feel so techy in the control room!
  2. I picked up a storytelling gig. To be fair, I do a gig in Jersey monthly but I have since picked up two more places to tell!
  3. One of the storytelling gigs is near a new yarn store, Wild Hand, which I am working up a sample for. It’s been so slow going but I met the owner, Liz, who is so lovely, and I am so excited to visit again and squish some yarn.
  4. The girls are back! Raya and I had a chat and we’ve decided to revisit and revive “At the Table with R and R.” Life, lack of focus, general malaise, a few other things, got into the way of us actually working on a blog and it showed. Follow us for updates.
  5. Working out. One would think that a stressful job would encourage me to get up and run, do a downward dog or tree pose. One would be wrong. I’ve been hooping a bit because I like freaking the cats out but have been thinking about running again. My new library hosts a 5K in the fall and I feel like I may want to get in on some of that.
  6. Heading to Book Expo this year! It’s been a while since I’ve toured the Javitz Center, loaded with books and wondering WHY my back hurts but now that I know about alternate (cheaper) shipping options, I am getting all of the books!
  7. Speaking of books…I am reading for fun again! It’s amazing how stress can steal your joy.
  8. Redefine relationships. Mom to a young adult is a different approach and as The Bee and I redefine our relationship and what we both need it’s been bittersweet as her life is so much more hers and I am just a bit player. Same with my mom. Passing the torch for family roles is weird and different and necessary.
  9. The Librarian and I are working on some things. That’s all I can say for now (’cause frankly I’m not sure what’s what) but hoping for some cool spring nights cuddles by a fire pit, sipping wine and softly chatting.
  10. Hello…blogging! Here’s to sharing the rants and words and thoughts of your plucky blogger, me!

Thanks for reading and sticking with me!


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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