It’s a Game! It’s Exercise! It’s Wii Fit!!!

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After months of coveting, not so subtle hints to family members and friends with discounts, and turning green with envy as friends mentioned how much fun it was (Jaiya! Amy!) I was actually able to purchase a Wii fit and… I loves me some it! During the holidays, I was so dazzled by actually finding a system that I didn’t care that Wii Fit was unavailable. The Bee and I figured we could play Mario Kart, Guitar Hero and various other games that could be borrowed from our local library and that was that. However, after numerous friends’ Facebook status claimed to have gained strength as well as lost a few pounds or inches I wanted in too*! However upon subsequent visits to Gamestop, Target and the like I would ask, be denied and keep it moving.

By chance I was able to acquire one and WOW! After debating whether or not I should keep it as I am susceptible – nay a sucker – to most claims of easy, effective and FUN! weight loss and shape up, I chatted with a few devotees before cracking her open Wednesday. Let Mii at it! It’s the perfect compliment to my wogs, motivates me to strength train and hell, it’s fun!

After a few Lucy-like moments setting it up (Vitameatavegamin) I hopped on for the body testing. Since I have some sense of censorship** the initial results will be revealed later when I have a loss and picture to accompany it. We shall leave it at I truly need some activity and cardio in my life and per the words of Ant and Celebrity Fit Club, “The Scales Don’t Lie!”

The Mii I created to represent me when I play games ballooned from a fair, if not quite accurate representation of myself to a chubby chub chub chubster. And when stepping on the board, it emits a startled “Oh!” (although when The Bee and Dill stepped on it made the same distressing sound) but it can be quite numbing. Initially I was all,”What the ham fat?” but I realize that if I don’t want to be traumatized by the annoying board then I need to keep up the work.

The Wii Fit board looks like a scale and is needed for most of the games. There are four different categories to choose from to reach your goals: strength training, aerobics, yoga, and balance training. Having done some type of organized yoga, strength and cardio training, I can say that I felt like I was given my money’s worth. The yoga wasn’t quite the boring torture disguised as exercise and the positions were held long enough for me to feel my muscles working but not so long as I wanted to give it up. The strength training is also doable and possible. The My only beef is the cardio. There is a hula hoop game that had me huffing and puffing but there is a jogging game that I really think I will use my sneakers for. The Bee and Dill were OK about running barefooted but after years of having it beat into my head that I needed proper footwear, I think I will keep my sneaks handy.

So far so good. I am sore all over, but in a good way. My abs and legs feel tight and I am excited to try and beat the next level.

Stay tuned for more Wii moments!

Focusing on my balance,

*Always looking for the latest and greatest this writer is!
** Some years ago when my cousin was about The Bee’s age we were headed down the shore. While on the road, she saw an advertisement for strippers and go-go dancers and in an effort to sound mature declared that the strippers had ‘no sense of censorship’. It cracked me up then and cracks me up now.


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