It’s 3:15 AM…Do you know what’s on?

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For the last few weeks I have been waking up nightly somewheres between 3:05 AM and 3:15 AM. Some nights I fall back asleep with a cursory glance at the clock*, some nights I jump out of bed and run downstairs to check on my mom or The Bee and then there are too many nights that I stay up until it is time for me to actually be up in which I fall back asleep and then am forced to make a mad morning scramble.

While I am sure that there are many underlying causes for my lack of nighttime sleep**, I can say that with the depth of channels available doe snot help my cause. When I was a kid, if Buffy and I stayed up past 2 AM, we had to entertain ourselves. Not so much any more! Three AM finds a mini Law & Order marathon, the rare music video, a Family Guy repeat or the an old Jeffersons. With DVR, I can catch up with The Simpsons or Chuck (not Lost or Heroes; these shows involve too much active watching and I need my full faculties to figure out what the heck is going on.)

The first few times I found my self up I told myself that I would NOT watch any television. Instead I picked up the book that I had been reading or the piece I had been working until I was drowsy enough to fall back asleep. One night after watching Total Drama Island with The Bee, I fell asleep with the television on and have been tuned in ever since***. The zippy theme song of The Jetsons pulled me in.

Even with the variety of channels, I find myself drifting towards old favorites (All About Eve anyone? or “Get you filthy paws off me you damn dirty ape!”). IFC and TMC have been some favorites. With my late night viewing habits I have found myself enjoying foreign films I would normally bypass.
There was 2003’s Ginger and Cinnamon about a 14 year old determined to lose her virginity. She tags along with her aunt, who has just broken up with her boyfriend. Hilarity ensues! (Seriously, the 14 year old remains virtuous and all ends well with a very cheesy song).

2001’s Mostly Martha (which was recently remade into No Reservations starring Catherine Zeta -Jones).
The original was cute with a sweet ending and (spoiler) they live contentedly ever after.

Middle of the night television watching is not for the faint. While up I have been privy to a couple of films that made me cringe!
There was
2004’s Dumplings starring Bai Ling and Miriam Yeung.
Warning: If you like Chinese food, then skip this film. If you like to torture yourself, go for it!
Miriam Yeung stars as Mrs. Li, a fading beauty who hooks up with Bai Ling’s Mei to recapture her beauty by eating specially made dumplings. I’ll leave it here but let’s just say that this is not a movie for the weak stomached!

The other disturbing film was a French movie about an artist looking for the perfect female form. He starves his housekeeper/model/lover until she eventually decides its him or me. I cannot remember the name of the movie but when she ate an onion I nearly threw up! (If anyone knows the name of this movie, please let me know!)

That’s all for now….I am going to try and get some rest but if I don’t, I am sure there is something good to watch.

Yawning and surfing

*The fear that there will be a catastrophic emergency in the middle of the night or a ghost coming after me and me not being able to see where, who or what is going on are the reasons and I fall asleep on one side with glasses on.
** Could it be my addiction to coffee? Nah!
***Yes, this library type loves her tv!


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