In the Merry Land of After I Move, I’ll get it *all* together…supposedly

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For weeks I have been stumbling over books, getting tangled in yarn and doing the closet shuffle because I was going to be moving soon and when, and only then, I moved would I get it together enough to be organized and have things where they belong which of course would lead me to the life I feel I should lead (uber mom/librarian chick/ hooker diva among other titles). Despite all evidence that has pointed to the contrary, I continued to believe that the life I thought I was destined to lead was a mere packed box away and, by some miraculous intervention from Gayle O’Neill, life would be a orgy of labeled shelves and color coded files.

However, my move has turned into an event that I lovingly call an ‘et cetera move’ as it has taken me weeks to move *JUST* the we don’t need these NOW items and other things shall be moved in some time in the nearish future. Part of me is scared shitless (yeah, I cursed); this is the first time that I have ever lived alone having gone from mom’s house to married life house and back. I am also anxious, nervous and excited. I am ready for this new thing for my daughter and I and while I have reservations, I will not give them any strength by obsessing (much) over them (Thanks Debbie!).

As circumstances in and out of my control stall my move, I have finally decided to stop fretting (as much) and to use this time to clear out the clutter, regain control of my space and combat CHAOS (Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome). The merry land of after I move was beginning to sound like the familiar refrain of the dieter: when I lose weight I can do blah blah with my life. As we all know, if your life sucks now and is not the way you want it, it will suck just as much when you move, lose weight, get a new dress, etc.
The clearing of clutter is tough. I can empathize with the folks on Hoarders however if anyone finds a dead cat in my house please kick my ass. Clearing the clutter also allowed me to find money, lost hooks, books and a sweater I swore my mom permanently borrowed. I think that this may be he beginning of a wonderful habit. Now if only I can find my shoe…
Not waiting,

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