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Continuing my quest to listen to something other than NPR (number 72 on my 101 in 1001) I volunteered to listen to Falling Still‘s new album Don’t Kick the Whiskey. I can’t lie; this was not a group I was familiar with and quite honestly if I had not been sent this album if I had come across them on the radio I probably would have turned the dial. However after taking a listen I realized that this was a good album to add to my tunes.

Falling Still is a hybrid of Nirvana meets British Invasion. The music is rock, funk, and metal all  mixed to make a unique sound.  The singers don’t sing as much as growl the songs making for a gruff but slick tone. As I played the music I was compelled to stop what I was doing and just concentrate on the music. The beat got me pumping and I found myself unable to be still while listening.

This CD is definitely not something that I would share with my kid; lots of swearing but it works in the songs and it worked for me. I wasn’t put off or offended. As I listened to the album the songs grew on me and I found that I have a few stand out favorites. The lead song, The Shuffle starts off mellow and ends in a musical frenzy. mean Gene is dominated by a heavy bass and bangin’ drums. Track seven, Chains, is slower but the growl of the singers and the funky drums make this song stand out.

To get a sample of the songs start with I am the Dr video below. Then head on over to Falling Still’s Facebook and You Tube page for more of their unique sound.

I wrote this review while participating in a Blog Friendly PR campaign on behalf of  Falling Still. A digital copy of their album was provided so I could provide my honest review


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