In My Ears: Car tunes

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This morning I decided to take a break from my books on CD and did a novel thing: I listened to music. Yup, instead of tuning in to Julian Marshall (my newest favorite NPR voice) or continuing the book I’ve started I decided to boogie en route to work.

The ride is only about 12 minutes or so depending on lights and traffic so it was only a few songs but each time I was in the car I plugged in some tunes.

Random songs that got me through the day:

ABBA: Lay All Your Love On Me.
Elvis Costello: Accidents Will Happen.
Ella Fitzgerald: Love For Sale
Adele: Someone Like You
The White Stripes: We Are Gonna Be Friends
Green Day: American Idiot
Pat Benatar: We Belong
Jack Johnson: Sitting, Waiting, Missing
Doris Day: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

Make of this what you wish. Or you’re welcome for the awesome mix.

Your choice.


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