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Oh yeah.

I finally stopped talking about it and did it.
I stopped thinking about it and made it so.
I took a took a deep breath, stopped worrying about what I might miss and what I might not be able to do and I have registered for school.

Yay me!

When I graduated high school way back when (actual date redacted; that is need to know and y’all DON’T need to know) I always thought I would go to college, get a degree and work. When I actually attended college and realized that it was a tough nut to crack plus a lack of the moolah, I took a semester off never planning to be out of school and non-degreed. I flitted back and forth with a class here, a class there, never quite getting it done and always thinking that there was time. Pre-The Bee, I again took up the convoluted relationship with school, taking classes here and there never quite finishing yet knowing that piece of paper was a desired prize. In theory I was the supermom and wife, baby on my hip, working, edumacating myself and running (sorta) a household. In reality I was a cranky bitch tired and truly being Jackie of all trades, mistress of none. But I had time. I was young, it was only a few months, a semester, a year there was time….

Fast forward (mumbled) odd years later and now I am not the youngest, smartest brightest in the room. I may be AMONG the sharpest but no longer do I have the luxury of youth and time on my side. So now I am out to get the prize. I can see it, I visualize it, I know its worth. I know my worth and today is the day.

Coming soon, tales from the Blackboard (or white board or smart board or whatever is used these days!)

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