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One day soon…

A girl I went to high school with decided to enter a fitness competition. Body building. She looks fantastic and her blog, Curly Girl Fit Life, is so encouraging. Melissa looks fabulous and freely shares the things she is doing to get her body into competitive shape. Her posts are not preachy or admonishing. She shares her struggles, what she has and is doing about it and she makes almost 40 look very good.

Of course I hit Pinterest again and added a few more pins to my fit chick board but then I felt like I wanted a fresh start. I keep pinning things and well, not doing anything. I do want to be a “Fit Chick” and a “Hot Mama” so I combined the two to make a “Fit Mama.”

I’ve (admittedly) a lot of crap on all three boards and haven’t really tried all of them. The things I did try (the standing abs, some lunges) were on point. Some just make me feel a way that I refuse to indulge.

I hope you’ve been inspired and please, feel free to share your favorite inspirational things.

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