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I don’t do horror.
I have read my share of horror and could happily live out the rest of my days never reading another Dean Koontz or Stephen King book. (I do life real life horror so Karin Slaughter remains on my list.)
I don’t like scary movies, having had more than my fair share of night terrors and nightmares after watching The Exorcist and The Omen.
I don’t get the thrill of being scared and frankly, I don’t want the experience being scared. I spend way too much time alone in my house and an old library to have to worry about things that go bump in the night.

So when The Bee decided that her favorite genre was horror I was all:


She has been doing research for a book she is writing and a movie she wants to make. We have come to an agreement; she can watch all of the horror she wants at her dads and I will have rested nights.

But because I am a bit of a sucker mom (yes, I admit it) I have agreed to check out a movie or two with her.

Below is a list of upcoming titles for you to get your scare on with. I will probably check out Dracula but will leave the others for a stronger hearted person.


Scary Movies To Plan For
October 3
Dracula Untold
October 10
The Book of Life
October 17
October 24
Before I Go
To Sleep

October 31
October 31
November 7
The Pyramid
December 5
The Awakening

January 2
The Boy
Next Door

January 23


If you always think that YOU could bethe star, now is your chance. Share your favorite scary movie moment for a chance to win a walk on role in an upcoming movie by the makers of Ouija and Insidious. Go on, take a stab. We dare you…



Have a spooktackular weekend!


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