Hiccups by Jack Prelutsky

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This is a favorite poem because

  1. I have a nine year old whom loves bathroom humor
  2. I love the sound effects and the giggles it elicits (adult and children alike)
  3. It got me through many a storytime when I first started.

Hiccup by Jack Prelutsky’s It’s Raining Pigs & Noodles

I have hiccup hiccup hiccups, I’ve had hiccup them all day.
They’re persistent hiccup hiccup and won’t hiccup go away.
I’ve tried gulping hiccup water, stood upon my hiccup head,
held my breath until my hiccuphiccup face turned hiccup red.
I’ve attempted every hiccup hiccup hiccup cure I could,
but it hasn’t hiccup hiccup done a hiccup bit of good.
And in fact I think I’m hiccup getting hiccup hiccup worse.
Do I need a hiccup doctor or a hiccup hiccup nurse?
I can feel my hiccup hiccups down into my hiccup shoes.
I have hiccup got the hiccup hiccup hiccup hiccup blues.
I’m afraid my hiccup insides are about to hiccup pop,
if these hiccup hiccups hiccup do not hiccup hiccup stop.
Practiing my sound effects,

We filmed me reading hiccup for my library.


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