Help @CirkusCirkor Knit for Peace!

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A worldwide performance for peace Cirkus Cirkör’s upcoming performance, Knitting Peace, presented as part of PIFA 2016, weaves together questions about striving and knitting with breathtaking feats of circus artistry. It asks: Can striving in and of itself make a difference? Is knitting our way to peace possible?



To highlight these questions they literally want your to knit your way around the whole world — 40,075 km (24,900 miles). And to succeed they need your help!

To connect people from the four corners of the Earth, they are collecting white knitted pieces from all over. Many little acts of warmth and kindness can create the awareness necessary to make a difference. Help them knit their way around the world!

Send your white knitted pieces to Cirkus Cirkör, and please take a moment to answer the questions below! Your contribution may be displayed in connection with one of their performances.

  • Why do you knit?
  • What are you striving for?
  • Is knitting our way to peace possible?

Please send your piece before April 2, 2016 to:
Cirkus Cirkör — Call for Knitting c/o Eileen Harris
Kimmel Center Stage Door,
321 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, PA 19102

Or drop off in person at the Kimmel Center Information Desk (corner of Broad & Spruce Streets). Don’t forget to include your name, city and country as well as your answers to the questions above. And we’d love it if you included a picture of yourself knitting!


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About PIFA:

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