Happy Halloween!

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Halloween was a few weeks ago and the pickings were blah! There were not a lot of candy giving going on but the merry old land of November 1st yielded bags of half off loot from CVS.
Mmmm! M&M’s!

The Bee and her Girl Scout Troop were invited to a Harvest Party where they could also help to get credit towards their badge work. I trailed along, offering my services as a volunteer as well as keeping an eye out for The Bee*.

It was a cute day!

The church (yeah, yeah!) had passports for the kids to fill out. The kids could then visit each of 10 stations to play games or do an activity. Then they could turn their passport in for a prize.

The Bee, as U.S. Diva! and Dill , in Boy Scout Uniform, had a ball! I trailed behind them trying not to be a helicopter mother as they moved from station to station.

Reporting for duty!

The stations included:

  • a craft area where one could make a book and/or color pictures
  • a cupcake decorating station
  • face painting
  • guess the candy corn
  • ring toss
  • and Mystery Boxes!

The Mystery Boxes was a cool station! Insert your hand in the box and guess what you are feeling! Noodles? Pine Cones? Grapes? What could it be?

Prizes included candy, balloons (?) and a cute little beanie baby that has been in my junky car for over a week.

That night, I let The Bee go out with the kids from my sister’s block. The oldest kid was 12. While I tried to be cool (what exactly was I thinking?) she had a great time getting treats and trading for things that she knew she could eat (and she saved a Hershey’s bar for me!).

Already with a costume in mind for next year (Michael Jackson) she is practicing The Moonwalk.
I, on the other hand, is still wondering who ate the last Reese’s Cup!
Hunting for more,

*Because I hate when there are family events at work and there are kids running around needing help with stuff.


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