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Say it Rah-shay By Nov 14, 2008 3 Comments

Hey all! I am the guest blogger for JLo‘s No-Ho.
NO-HO stands for November Holidays, the site’s zany version of NaNoWriMo.
Since I blog about obscure holidays anyway I thought what’s one more?
Visit her blog.
As I type, I see that I have two comments already!
Yay me!


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.


  1. The Muse says:

    Stopped by and loved it!

  2. Judi "Jlo" Moran says:

    Hey, Rachee,
    Thanks so much for the shout-out about zany life and NO-HO. Really appreciate it.
    Thanks, too, for your great guest post – what a response you got: 8 quality comments! You go, girl.
    Wanted you to know your permanent hyper-link that you can embed in this post so your readers can always go directly to your Readers Day post.
    Also, I just entered you into the list of contributors in the sidebar. I overlooked that you were missing.
    One more thing: a big Thanks for signing up to follow Zany Life.
    Have a great day,
    PS: You are on for Make Your Own Head Day or whatever the other choice was.

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