Good Will Hillenbrand

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Or artistlust begins.

Please to note: I am going through and updating some drafts that I never finished. The level of suck, erm quality may vary.

I cannot tell a lie. Art is something that intrigues and harasses me. Since I can’t draw a lick I tend to hold artists up along with doctors and nurses: Gee they are awesome but I’m a little envious at their awesomeness. So a few months ago I was able to meet artist/illustrator Will Hillenbrand and all of my artist envy flies out the door for he is a wonderful, wonderful man!

At the time I didn’t realize he was the artist for my new favorite Bear book!
He was the illustrator of 2010’s PA One Book, Every Young Child’s “What a Treasure!”. The book, illustrated by his wife, is the sweet story of a mole digging for treasure. 
Will and I!

Anywho, what a nice guy! He was adorable, dancing along to the What a Treasure song that the UD Kindergarten kids made up and sang for him, he was kind enough to pose for a plethora of photos with me, other Delco librarians and some random staffers who popped in. And he told me that I can draw.
Yes, me who screws up a stick figure and makes tress that look like varying levels of fluff, can draw.

Since I lost my notes from that day (I had a whole ‘thing’ planned) I will just go with my favorite Will Hillenbrand illustrated books.

Sleep Big Bear, Sleep (But Big Bear doesn’t hear very well…)
What a Treasure! 
Down on the Farm by Merrily Kutner
T’was The Fright Before Christmas by Judy Sierra (who is also awesome!)
Kiss the Cow by Phyllis Root
Down By The Station by Will Hillenbrand. (Dill had gone through a train stage and well, this was one thing that we could read together)
The Last Snake in Ireland: A Story About St. Patrick (Throwing a bone to Effin Guy)
The Biggest, Best Snowman, by Margery Cuyler.



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