Girl Power!

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In which cookies meets comics.
The Bee and her fellow troop members are as sweet as the cookies
This coming weekend, January 29th from 12-5 to be exact, there will be a meshing of my two worlds: The Bee will be selling Girl Scout Cookies at Effin Guy’s store! [Effin Comics which is located at 417 Burmont Road in Drexel Hill, PA 19026]

There are eight delicious varieties at 3.50 a box! The Bee has a goal to sell 300 boxes and we have already sold 25 boxes! Help her reach her goal, help ME offset the cost of camp and buy some comics.

We are selling the sweet treats and Effin Guy is discounting all “Girl Power” comics.
All comics featuring a female super-hero will be 50% off at Effin Comics all day on Saturday.
For more information about this sale or other questions please call Effin Guy aka Tom at (610) 733-7615

Yesterday The Bee and a few of her troop members sold cookies outside of the Supermarket in Southwest Philly. The customers were few but those who stopped were impressed by the Girl Scout’s helpfulness,their presence and happily bought boxes to support the cause.

There is a cool website with a great history of the Girl Scout Cookie. You can read how the sale has evolved and learn more about the Girl Scout history. Below are pictures of 7 of the eight cookies taken during our time at the market. The newest cookie on the block is called the Shout Out. This cookie is lower in fat but does not skimp on taste. This new cookie is a crunchy explosion of cinnamon and sweet.

Effin Comics is located at
417 Burmont Road
Drexel Hill, PA 19026

For more information about this sale or other questions please call Tom at (610) 733-7615

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Thanks A Lot: Shortbread with fudge icing.
The new packages reduce waste!

A vanilla cookie made with
real peanut butter, smothered in chocolate.

A shortbread cookie accompanied by a tangy lemon icing

A light shortbread cookie

Chocolate and mint

A crunchy oatmeal cookie surrounding sweet peanut butter

The house favorite!
A vanilla cookie drenched in caramel,
sprinkled with coconut and laced with cocoa stripes.

Effin Comics

Girl Scout Cookies

ABC Bakery:

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