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Last year I had the pleasure of being chosen as a blog ambassador for Barely There and I have to say that the makeover under *there* has done wonders for what you see out *here.* As an ambassador I was given lovely samples of undergarments and shapewear and besides the new items, I got a few other things in return.

Confidence to embrace my curves thanks to flattering shape wear which lifted my assets.

Awareness about The World Wildlife Federation and a donation made in honor of their new animal print line.

A general positive attitude about how I look.

I love the products from Barely There and want to gush about why this will be the last bra/underwear/shaper that I buy.

These products are durable, holding its shape even after I have ignored the instructions and thrown my bra into the washer and dryer.

Comfort. I find that I am not whipping my bra off minutes after I have entered the house. I actually forget that I am wearing it.

Variety of styles. Barely There has something for every body and I have been encouraged to look at what I used to think were negative features as positives ones.

Ease of sizing. For years I have thought of myself as a number and a letter which is all well and good but during that period of buying incorrect shape wear it would have been easier to know I wear a size large (or extra large as the case may have been!) and gotten something comfortable and stylish.


The latest item I have received from Barely There is the CustomFlex Fit Reversible Pullover. I love wearing this pullover at night, and for those lazy weekend mornings when I am not quite ready to start my day but don’t want to slum it either. The CustomFlex Pullover offers light support and is really comfortable. With the smart sizes chart, you will always find the perfect fit.


The CustomFlex Fit Reversible Pullover is available in Soft Taupe Stripe, Pale Dogwood Stripe, Eiffel Gray Stripe and Charcoal Stripe. These are available in through the Barely There website or department stores.

Thank you for reading along with discovery of Barely There. Give yourself the Gift of Comfort and checkout this great product.





r’s note: I am a Barely There Blog Squad Member and have been given products to try and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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  1. Beeb says:

    That looks super comfortable! I love Barely There, they make awesome products – I always keep an eye peeled for them when I shop.

  2. Kim Delatorre says:

    Sounds like some great products you were able to check out! Barely There is always a nice product!

  3. Danielle Bishop says:

    I love the sizing, what a great product!

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