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Today’s blogger challenge is to share something  that we find humorous.

For your enjoyment and consideration…Wednesday Funnies!

Monday Listicles Turns a Phrase

We were asked to share ten words that made us smile.

Two of my words are cuss words!


Monday Listicles: Dude! We’re Getting the Band Back Together!

This was my suggestion after Effin Guy and I visited a restaurant and our hipster waiter gave us our change with the words, “Nine and some silver.” That caused gales of giggles and inspired awesome band names.


The Bee and I went to see The Princess and the Frog and I wax poetically about Disney’s claim that I can find a hubby in three days. (T’aint true)


That time I diagrammed proper treadmill usage. I’m a giver.

Pre Effin Guy when I was dating I posed the question: Did you get hired? Cause really? Dating is like looking for a job.


What’s making you giggle today?



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