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When my friend Amy showed me her Nook I was enthralled. The iPad was a distant idea that was well beyond my purse strings and the Kindle was still this black and white reading thingy. But the Nook…all flash and color, small and able to fit into my hand, cool and it had to be mine! After saving up for a several weeks I was able to purchase a Nook and I was all excited.
My early Nook use was positive. The Nook glow was due to the fact that I was able to download pdfs, patterns, free Nook books and The Bee voraciously using the ereader to read without prompting. My library card got a major workout as I selected book after book to be downloaded. But then tragedy struck and my computer died. We were without a home computer for a while and my usage of the Nook dropped. I was not able to easily download books and unless I was paying for them (which I really was not digging) my Nook lay abandoned.
Even after I got my computer from the shop, the Nook shine had worn off. Getting books onto my Nook was a pain; there was the cord that always seemed to go missing upon my being ready to download. The wonky USB ports on my computer and, frankly my biggest pettiest pet peeve, the wait for my books. I will admit in this world of instant gratification I was affected and therefore felt annoyed at having to wait until I was at a specific desktop to have access to my books. Add to this that NEW Nook Tablet which promised things to be Bigger and Better, the Nook Color that I just bought boasting a steep price drop and the Kindle Fire my sister bought and flaunted loved, and I was ready to chuck my Nook.
This summer at the Digital Family Summit, I was able to speak with a representative for Barnes & Noble and I shared my frustrations. She patiently listened to all of my gripes and empathized with my plight. She then shared that the Nook would soon have the ability to directly download. I was skeptical at first…it seemed too good to be true and when I asked the techy people that I knew, they heard nothing of it. I started loading books up again on my Nook, determined to give the e-reader a second chance and blindly hoped for a change.
And that hope came today!
I got an e-mail today that promised

 “Borrowing eBooks and audiobooks from the library just got a whole lot easier for users of the NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Tablet™ and NOOK Color™. Last week, Barnes & Noble added the OverDrive Media Console app to the NOOK Apps™ storefront. This NOOK app enables users to wirelessly borrow eBooks and MP3 audiobooks from the library.”

Cue Handel!
I cannot wait to download books, fill up my reader and just experience the ease of reading ebooks and listening to books on my device. I had almost written off my Nook and was going to donate it but now, now, now…it’s on!

Reading the night away!

r’s addendum: I’ve charged my Nook and downloaded a few books. Easy, peesy, lemon breezy!


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