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A few years ago my sister decided that she would quit smoking and took up knitting. For a while she succeeded and was a knitting fool! Afghans! Socks! Scarves (one of which I wear every time the temperature dips to 50 degrees)! Hats!, you name it, she was making it! Her kids and my child all had a handmade something at some point in time.
Oh, she was a wiz with needles.
Due to the green eyed monster(his name is Oliver) and an unwritten rule of friendly rivalry, naturally I had to get in on the action. While she did admit that she was no teacher she gave it her best shot. Two is not always better than one and I never quite took to knitting. Instead, I liberated a hook from her, some yarn and following a disastrous chain and uneven stitches, I got my crochet on. In a moment of rare rationality, I was not sure if I were going to like this hobby and used to raid the Salvation Army where they had bags, and bags of yarn for sale. I got the hang of it (more or less) and ever since, have been hooked. As my right as a Fagg woman, I totally immersed myself in crochet. Patterns downloaded from the net and filed away. Yarn coveted, bought and traded. Books drooled over and bought. Hooks, hooks, hooks!

As with all of my follies, crochet has been an on again, off again affair. At times I am almost manic with it; I can’t get enough of it and I churn out projects like a mad woman.
I have been on a slump lately. I look at the yarn and hooks and think of all of the glorious things should, could and shall make but my habit of procrastination or sometimes just being lazy takes control of my body and nothing gets done. For years I have crocheted in a offhanded way. I make a scarf, a half-*ssed hat or maybe even a poncho but have never made it a passion.

Saturday, I finally ventured out of my comfort zone and a friend and I went to a crochet group. The ladies I met yesterday ranged from novice to expert. My friend is an expert and it was she who got me off of my rusty dusty and made me go (thanks Mia!).
I was both awed and inspired. These ladies were passionate about what they were doing. They have sales. Flea market tables. They make money off of their passion. I am still blown away by the ideas that flowed through the room. They got my creative juices flowing and I am all about getting two projects banged out this week.

This week my goal is to finish my daughter’s hoodie and the granny square blanket that I started in January (it’s sad!) and post a pic of each.

Happy hooking!

*Addendum added 10/30: Here is a pic of my Harry Potter scarf.


I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    I always knew you were a poser.


    I am on a slipper kick now. Come one, come all. Keep your feet warm!

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