Friday Favorites: The Games We Play at Work

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My Pinterest obsession continues to grow and it, along with my spunky new co-worker, have seemed to unleash a perfect storm of ideas. Next week I am doing a game week at work and I have been toying around with ideas for games for a while. I hadn’t acted upon them before now; I tend approach things with either great enthusiasm and research and pine away about it, never doing anything with it or I jump in head first and wornder why the idea didn’t go as planned.

Pinterest has inspired me to do a plethora of things that I have been toying with and am now going to engage. I think the thing I really enjoy about Pinterest is being able to see the final project. I can then use the product as it is featured or if I decide to tweak it I can see what it is that I have decided to tweak.

With game week next week I am planning on both active program and passive activities to engage my kids.

My favorites:

In Philly there are bigger than life game pieces as art located in Center City. This board reminds me of the pieces. I did cheat; I found an online boggle solver for the letters that I used. I think I may keep this up for the whole month. I can change the letters each week. For prizes I have left over fabulous junk from the summer as well as some preview books that I found at home.

Tower blocks aka Jenga

I am going to hit the dollar store for sponges to create this game. I like that my little guys will be able to use this, if pieces go missing then I won’t be too terribly upset and this version frees us all from the loud crashes from the wooden pieces.

Sandwich stackers

The Bee had a similar game when she was a kid that I bought during a Scholastic Book Fair. Hers was foam and today I found it while cleaning out a closet at work (thanks again A!). I love this version because it’s something that can be reproduced at home. I guess a craftier type could reproduce the foam version.
I am not that person.

Another idea that I have wanted to try was this life sized board game as featured on the Craftzine blog
I wanted to use this for storytime before but last year got caught up with some such thing that I used as an excuse for not to do it. This year not only am I going to have a go at it, I found a way to tweak it!

r’s note: I cannot find the link of the way I tweaked this but as soon as I do I will post.

Break the code

Last but not least is the secret code that another coworker helped me write up. We are going to place secret messages around the room and visitors can use this key to solve the clues. Some of them will be totally self serving (Read a book!) and some will just be fun.

We are also going to feature board games, math games, and video games.
I am so excited to see how this comes out! If you are in the area, stop by and take part in these activities.

Are you game?


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