Friday Favorites: Queen of Disco

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In which I don platforms and sequins out! I’m traveling back in time!

When I saw the first tweets and Facebook posts about Donna Summer dying, I ignored them. Twitter and Facebook are always “killing” someone and I thought this was another case of a celebrity death hoax. When it was confirmed I felt a little sad. I used to love me some Donna Summer. My sister and I would argue over who was better; she liked Natalie Cole (Forreals) and I was all about Donna.

We used to play that record over and over singing Bad Girls and Hot Stuff, we made a dance to Dim All the Lights (it started slow and moved on to a fast funky boogie) and well it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that this album was about, uh, ladies of the night.

The cop *should* have been a giveaway.

My Favorites:

Hot Stuff.
Well, I love Hot Stuff for a variety of reasons. When Pop was a kid she would sing Hot Stuff, baby the Seedlings, thinking she was singing about her daycare which was called The Seedlings.
Hot Stuff was also featured in The Full Monty which was the first movie I ever saw the always fabulous Tom Livingston.
Below is a trailer for the movie featuring Hot, hot, hot, hot…stuuuuff!

She Works Hard for the Money
My former brother in law would always say “A job ain’t nothing but work” and there are days that this rings true. Working, taking care of kids, your house, your other family oh yeah and yourself…Bah!Getting up early, staying up late. I remember my mom crying when she first heard this song. I didn’t get it then but heaven knows I get it now!

Unconditional Love
This was a new sound for Donna and I just dug it. Buffy and I were at camp when this song came out and my mom wrote me a letter telling me that she had bought this album. Of course a Fagg Sister dance resulted.

State of Independence.

Yes, I do know how I survive
Yes, I do why I´m alive
To love and be with you
Day by day by day by day

During a particularly angsty time I may or may not have sang this to a guy I was dating. It has a different meaning now that I learn Donna was celebrating being born again and the love she was expressing was for HIM and not any ole him.
Don’t judge me.

Last Dance
Cause it sounds a tad melancholy and regretful.
Last Dance, Last Chance for love… but then it turns hopeful and well that last dance doesn’t seem so bad at all.

MacArthur Park

My aunt used to play (and play) and play this song over and over. My sister and I used to cry because someone left a cake out in the rain. Knowing my people they probably told us it was a real cake and we probably wanted a slice. I like cake.

I Feel Love

I know this song seems a bit risque but really, this is the perfect song for stretching. No euphemisms. Just laid back enough to quiet your mind and long enough to relax.

RIP Queen of Disco


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