Flashback Friday: Star Trek is 46

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I wasn’t always a Trekkie. As a kid Star Trek was this thing that would come on television that looked weird and would interrupt my TV viewing (yes children…there were not always hundreds of channels to choose from or tv viewing on demand!). The only things I knew about the movies were from some neighbors from across who would have intense discussion about Spock, Kirk and Scotty. There was a cartoon, the ground breaking kiss (Kirk and Uhura) and R2D2 (oops! wrong movie) but nope, this lady was not into Star Trek at all.

And then, then, then.
The Next Generation.

Geordi, with his obvious banana barrette as a “VISOR.” Data, the android who wants to be human. Worf, Troi, Riker, Wesley (who was epically annoying) his mama and Picard.

I loves me some Picard.

He’s not quite up there with Simon or Third Rock but he could read me the dictionary. It’s something about his bald head, the accent, how he ran things.

Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm.


I know I sound incredibly nerdy but so what. Star Trek was, is, an institute. It’s science fiction without being preachy. It’s a social commentary, it features new worlds, addresses racism, sexism, and other timely issues. It’s fun, it’s campy and back when The Next Generation premiered it was cutting edge. When I was in college (the first time) I would sit for hours with two friend and we would watch and discuss the episodes. When I was home on break I would schedule my days around the airing of episodes. My first date with The Dad was to see Generations, the big screen farewell to the Original series and the welcome to the Next Generation.

So on this date, the 46th anniversary of Star Trek I share some Star Trek theme posts.

From my old blog…what things Dr. McCoy is *NOT*
My review of the new Star Trek movie. Not enough Pegg.
Random Star Trek Quotes.

Oh. And one last thing…Team Picard or Team Kirk?
Beam me up!

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