Five for Fridays: The Sorta Parade Post

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So. It’s the day after turkey day and I am relaxing and hanging with my kid. No work today, no shopping. Today I am sipping coffee, the kid is snuggled close munching pretzels and we are watching movies.

Yesterday we had a grand ole time yesterday. Here are some of the highlights that I shall share in lieu of the full report (it’s coming!)

1. We had brushes with fame!
We met “Good Morning America’s” Sam Champion. He is quite beautiful in person. We also met Carla Hall from “The Chew” (who is awesome!) and Adam Joseph from 6ABC who is so adorable and may have me watching his updates in the AM instead of my beloved CBS.

2. The weather was beautiful!
Philadelphia looked picture book perfect yesterday and we paraded downtown. The crowd was wonderfully, excited and it was such a positive vibe.

3. The Bee looked adorable in her costume.
Even though she is almost as tall as me (when did that happen?) she looked so precious and dear. Once again I was so proud that she went out of her way to make sure that little kids were greeted, entertained and she was a joy. She was fun, happy and her face was lit up with smiles.

4. A 4:30 AM wakeup means a long afternoon nap.
Yes. However this year it was I who fell asleep once we returned home and struggled to get up to join the family for dinner.

5. People are kind.
My phone/camera died and there were so may kind folks in our Dunkin Donut elf group who took pictures of The Bee and me and shared them. Smart phones, technology and social media rule.

Ok. Back to Heath, coffee and some hooking. Watch for parade posts from The Bee (she started her own blog) and one from me, each full of pictures and memories.

Have a great day!


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