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It’s that time of year again, I’ve returned from my annual conference all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to implement things. In years past I’ve had office assasin type co-workers, more desire than brain and just an unclear vision of what I wanted to do to better my role as library chick. Well this year I do intend to implement all of the new things that I have learned but instead of jumping head first I am going to plan it out and when November rolls around here I’ll let it fly.

1. Crafts!
I have been kind of lazy with my crafts; I won’t lie. I just felt so overwhelmed and inadequate plus its a pain in the tuckus to have to copy and cut out a bunch of things that won’t get used, will be used but not like I want and are way too ambitious for me to deal with.

The librarian from was so inspiring. She made a paper plate awesome! I think with her ideas, her permission to borrow liberally (why reinvent the horse?) plus the creative way she extended books my old favorites and some new one will totally be revisited.

2. Music!

3. Those pesky Y chromosomes
Not really, but boys  will be boys and I need to appeal to them.
In the Boys will be Boys session I learned that Boys LITERALLY don’t develop the same as girls. Forreal!
Boys braisn develop in a way that means that my programs should appeal to all learners (something I THOUGHT I was doing but evidently not) and that I shouldn’t take it personally when a boy is bouncing around as I try to speak with him.
 The first thing I am doing when I get back to the library is creating a more inviting space for the males that visit. No, there won’t be a wrestling ring but the space will include more signage (good for all kids really) and picking the brain of those who I am trying to reach.


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