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…cause I didn’t do this on Tuesday.
Yes, yes. I am biting off of some other blogs weekly wrap up. Not that I feel the need to justify myself but Tuesday the thing I wanted to blog about was so boo-hooey that I got on my own nerves and a bunch of stuff happened in the last two days that I need to mull over.
1) Middle School Madness continues.

It seems that my child has gone mad!
The Bee has declared that whilst her homework was completed, she just ‘didn’t feel like turning it in’.

The Dad and I met with her teacher who is just as puzzled. The Bee said all of the right things (I will turn in my homework, I want to do well, I will ask for help) yet the blase attitude seems to be in full effect.
I swear I don’t remember being like this in school. I suppose with the threat of an a$$ kickin’ from my mom, aunt and grandmother I blindly did what I was told. I am not a parent who believes in corporal punishment but I am at my wits end! Of all of the things to screw with school is not it.

I’ve no solution at this point in time. All I know is that I want the best for someone who seems to think that she’s fighting an uphill battle alone.


2) I lost a co-worker.

A former co-worker was diagnosed with leukemia about six months ago and while preparing for my crazy summer, preparing to move, getting caught up in the thing that is me I let days, weeks, months slide by without a single thought. As cliched as it sounds I am glad that she won’t have to suffer anymore but I wish I had found time to pick up a phone and call her, finish the hat I was to make for her, send a card something that let her know I was thinking about her and rooting for her.
She always reminded me a bit of my mom. Not the they were both sick thing but  the way the both of them love, love, love their grand children. She would wax happily about spending time with them and share stories of how she’d surprise them at school or would order books that they would enjoy.
When I was first offered the job as Children’s Chick she pulled me to the side and asked if I were really ready for the position. Me, being me, was a tad put off but in hindsight I could see that she wasn’t being negative; she was making sure that I knew the job wasn’t all storytimes and turkeys to cut out. I hope she rests in peace and that her family can remember her.

I think I’ll eat a cookie in her honor.
3) The Hatfields and McCoys aka Mom and Buffy are at it again.
Despite being ten deep, my family stays mixed up in some type of nonsense.  My sister and mom are fighting about missed/mixed messages; a soured perception and frankly it’s exhausting. So close to the holidays, a stressful time in itself that I am ready to wave a white flag.
It’s not mine to fight but if either of you read this: be the bigger person and please let that go.
It’s a royal pain in the tuckus.I hate being in the middle of family drama.

4) Hormones are a bitch.
Without being gross I’ll just say the older and more out shape I am, the more unpredictable my body seems to be. All week long I have been feeling weepy, hopeless and dumpy. The big ass* pimple on my nose is the reason why.
Screw you Mother Nature!

5) A High note:
Spent some time with Arboo this week. As she read through a “teach your kid to read book” she ran across what I would call sight words: ‘the’, ‘he’, ‘and’ et cetera.
“Hey!” She exclaimed. “These are some of my high frequency words!”

Love it!
Later gators.
*I cussed cause I look like effin’ Rudolph!

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