First Day Jitters

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Last night the Battle of the Bedtime returned with a vengeance on the eve of the new school year. Despite a full dose of Supernanny (Jo Jo says consistency is key), the experience from third grade (lots of cranky, silent car rides) as well as the warning I have been getting from educator friends (this year the real work begins!) the carefully crafted schedule and plan The Bee and I put together went kaput at the first hint of change.

Last minute school supply shopping (K-mart was having a decent sale on color pencils), the quest for hair as well as our wait for the Dance of The Hair Fairy* pushed us well beyond the planned 9PM bedtime. When we finally arrived home, after a word with her grandmother, a very unsolicited and thorough brushing of teeth and another twenty two minutes of whispered thoughts and refusal to sleep in her own bed The Bee finally drifted off and I set both alarms and dozed off too.

Our fitful night was high lighted with an overnight bruising (me getting kicked in the stomach) the rush awake feeling when the television drifted in my dreams (I dreamed THEY were gonna get me for hoarding) and The Bee waking up to check the time.
Amazingly The Bee woke up with alarm number two and actually stumbled through her morning routine without complaint. After a fashion debate (Chucks or Crocs?) we were out the door by, Gulp!, an unheard of 7:02AM

No, the clock IS correct.
This is not an illusion!

On the drive we fell into our roles: me as harried chauffeur (there are a whole heck of a lot of yellow buses and late kids this morning!) and The Bee as co-pilot picking songs that we sang as we drove to school. Since we arrived an unheard of THIRTY MINUTES EARLY we visited some old teachers, talked to the head of school (who amazingly remembers and greets everyone by name! and got to her classroom for what I hope is a pattern, on time and prepared.

This man’s memory is AMAZING

New year, with same teacher!

Yay for Julie!

When I spoke to The Bee she was bubbling over with her day. Her friends are all back, her assistant teacher is the same one from two years ago (Yvette absolutely adores The Bee and her classmates per Yvette!) and she has an assignment, but not homework, homework just yet.

She thinks this is going to be a great school year.
Me too.

Here’s to lots of gold stars,

*Our cousin has to listen to all of the whining about sore heads and sore necks as she acquired as she has all of the hair doing skills.
As far as the “get hair”, will explain the hair thing in another post.


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