Finally FInished…NOTHING!

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Holy time is flying Batman! The holidays approach!

The task of making Christmas gifts for everyone has not even begin. My ambitious dreams were just that: a dream. Instead of starting somewhere (say, pick out a pattern or go through my stash of yarn) I’ve been self sabotaging myself by exercising every right as the Queen of Procrastination.

The days are ticking down (27 to be exact) and not a single stitch has been stitched.
Deep breaths.
Regrouping I am starting again.
This week’s hooking goals:
Three squares for Warm Up America (two down, one to go!)
A scarf for The Bee’s bus driver. He’s always pleasant when I call him
Wrist warmers for Beergeekgirl. Cause she bought the yarn and it’s kinda tacky for me not to.
Finishing the hat for Veronica. It’s only two months late.

Will check in tomorrow.
Gotta get to hooking.


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