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These past couple of weeks have found me waving a white flag as I have been adjusting to changes in my medication and not quite feeling my Rachee self. It’s a bummer not being able to do all of the things that I want because of not feeling well but it is a timely reminder that I need to take it easy, continue to be gentle and kind to myself and that it is totally fine to rest when I need to.

But after being home for a week I am going a little stir crazy! Fall is making its way back to Philly and there are things to do, people to see and, channeling a young Eva Peron, Philly can “Fill me up with your heat, with your noise, with your dirt, overdo me”

Here are a few things I am looking forward to for fall. Before you read…I’m teaming up with some amazing blogging friends so check out what they’re loving this month when you’re done here.!

The Glow Experience

We had a chance to visit the pumpkin patch last week and it was an amazing experience! Carved pumpkins throughout the park. It was fun chill, nothing jumping out at you, more of a delicious thrill up your spine as you marvel at the creativity of using pumpkins, PUMPKINS! as a canvas.

If you go: The Glow Experience runs Thursdays-Sundays now until October 29th.

Pricing: Thursdays: Adults $16, Kids $10

Late Night ‘Date Night’: 9:30 and 10 pm time slots – Adults $16 every night*

Parking appears to be free but there is street parking on Parkside Avenue if you are comfortable with a short jaunt through the park.

Wear comfy shoes; it takes about a half hour to get through the exhibit.

There were trucks selling candy, snacks and full meals!


Souper Sunday

Each week we have been hosting a family dinner featuring soup. The idea is to just gather as a family and spend time together. I also wanted an excuse to light our fire pit. There are several recipes that I am looking forward to recreating and sharing with my family and I am excited that the reception has been so positive.

I was so worried about hosting dinners. I have this fear that people will come to my house and it will be all

(that is a cricket, not unlike the ones Liliana chases through the house)

So far I have had a few bumps, as one does when a mix of personalities are in the room, however no one has declared that they will never return and there have been no food poisonings so we’re all good.

We plan to continue Souper Sundays throughout the Fall and in Winter will move indoors to do Family Game Nights with the score of games we have been collecting. The Bee was giving me a bit of side eye when I suggest Family Game Night but dig it, games are a way to gather, have an activity as a focus, and darn it, someone is going to play Bananagrams with me or else!


Leaves changing

After my car accident in June I was able to get a new to me car and I vowed to keep my car clean and go places. Due to health issues, work and school schedules, this has not been the case. But The Librarian and I have been checking out routes that we can travel on the weekends to see the leaves change. Again, work and schedules get in the way but danger, we will persevere!

Visit Philadelphia has a list of ten places we can check out leaves in Philly so if we can’t get away for the day, we can play tourist at home and see some colorful sights.

The Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Bee and I are scheduled rot be clowns in the parade this year. The parade is kind of our thing…we get up at why is this a time o’clock, head to downtown Philly and march in the parade. We’ve met former and current beauty contestant, celebrities, city officials and a few local people that we are friends with.

It’s a good time for all and we are still home in time to catch a nap before dinner!

Read about our parade adventures here and here.

Speaking of dinner…


Last year was our first year in the new house so we hosted dinner. This year may be a traveling year. The Librarian is talking about visiting his family in New York and the logistics of getting my mom and grandmother around are tricky. We are planning a drop in day the day AFTER Thanksgiving…a Friendsgiving if you will. School is closed for The Bee, work is closed for me and it can be a leisure chill day.

At this point I have no plans for Black Friday shopping so I plan to be home getting my holiday movie watching on! Friends and family can stop by after work, nosh a bit and then head on to what they need to do.

What’s your plans for fall? What am I missing from *my* list?
Tell it to Rachee!


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  1. Jenny Farmer says:

    I just love Thanksgiving with family. I get to see everyone that I haven’t seen since last year. It’s really the best part of fall!

  2. Laurie Floyd says:

    I love that you do the Souper Sunday!! That is so cool!! I love traveling at Thanksgiving….seeing my family is the best!!

  3. Joanne says:

    Thank you for joining in this blog hop with me! I had to scroll past what ever that insect was, especially since I was eating something crunchy at the time. LOL The pumpkin patch sounds like fun!

  4. Jen Brazil says:

    It sounds like a lovely fall month for you in Philly! I miss the leaves changing since we now live in Florida. I would love to visit up north again during this time of year.

  5. My plans for fall are trying to find a corn maize. I’ve never done one.

  6. We can not wait to do the local corn maze here! I love all the fall activities!

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