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*Does happy dance*

Fridays are usually a mixture of excitement (the end of the work week is near and the possibilities a weekend can/will bring) and a source of anxiety (I do out reach on Fridays and sometimes I’m just not feeling it).  I love my kiddos but for the love of Kleenex, there are days when I just don’t feel the love reciprocated and I contemplate feigning an illness so that I can stay home and yell at Matt and Ann on the television.

But since I like to eat and I have to work to earn money to eat (plus keep the electric on to watch said TV) and my imagination is way worse than the actual visit, I woman up and drag myself out of bed while watching my local news. Each Friday they have a theme song and I’ve decided that I too shall have a Friday theme song.

Of course, the obvious…Johnny Kemp’s Just Got Paid.

When I am feeling like a whiny, whiny, boo, boo Billy Joel’s My Life always makes me feel better.

And what is a musical post without something featuring Ella?
Any of her stuff make me sing (badly) along but I particularly like It Don’t Mean a Thing:

What’s your Friday Theme?


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