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Number seven on my 101 in 1001 list is to have my makeup professionally done. Monday I took a step towards this list item when I FINALLY had my eyebrows done by professional make-up artist Tracey Evelyn Reed.

Let me back up, a few weeks months ago Tracey was making arrangements to host a beauty program, Beautifully Yours by Tracey, at the library. As she filled out the conference room request form I asked her what her program was about and then about brow shaping. Because I am me, and suffer from foot in mouth disease, I let out a yelp when she quoted me the price for brow shaping. After I balked she made a deal with me. She would do my brows and I would make her a hat.

Fast forward months and UFOs later. Tracey would stop by to use the library and would ask me when I would be ready to get my brows done. Despite the forest growing on my face I would defer brow work. I was too busy, I hadn’t finished (started) her hat, and eyebrows were just not a priority.

Monday, as I had a fifth circlish afternoon at the circ desk, Tracey walked in and asked again when I was going to get my brows done and asked if today was the day and I said it was.  In lieu of lunch I headed to her studio for much needed brow attention.

Yes, This is one eyebrow
I thought this didn’t look bad!

I am familiar with having shaped brows despite the pictures above. My cousin is usually my go to; she will snatch the unruly hairs out of my brows in minutes before attacking the strays with her tweezers. On occasions when she wasn’t available I have visited nail shops where the wait to get my brows done is torturous due to the fumes of the acrylic. Brow work is not my favorite but its a necessary evil that I purposely let go until I look like Bert from Sesame Street. To get them shaped your brows are literally ripped out of your face with hot wax. Who can’t wait for that to happen?

At her studio Tracey took a few minutes to examine my face. She explained that she wanted to make sure that she shaped my brows for my face and not just arch them for the sake of it. She asked how I liked them (thicker) and then had me sit back. I’m not going to go into a step by step of what she did. Frankly its not my area of expertise. What I will say is that she made me comfortable, didn’t make me feel weird or bad that I don’t know how to tweeze by own brows and even gave me a short lesson on what to do to tame errant brow hairs.

I still owe Tracey a hat but would consider paying for future services. Tracey was a professional. We did chat about our families and such but she worked the entire time. The procedure took a while but I didn’t feel like she rushed through for the sake the getting done nor did I feel like it was a waste of either of our time.

My decision to actually get my brows done was part hectic Monday and part due to my participating in The Mom Challenge created by Vera Sweeney. Vera has challenged moms to embrace being a mom and embrace the woman you are. For me, I have taken the role as mom to mean that I have let myself go. This is an observation, not a self deprecating remark. A little thing like getting my brows done is something for me, to make me feel like I am not just The Bee’s mom but also Rachee. I feel good, I feel confident and I feel like I’m bringing a little sexy back.

Next up, a skin care routine! (Calling Kim!)


If you want to learn more about Tracey, check her out online at Tracey Evelyn Beautiful You.
Tracey also tweets: @TraceyEvelynInc

Getting Gorgeous one step at a time,

Please note: Although Tracey and I had an arrangement for brow work, this post was written because I am pleased with the results and the way I look. I was not asked to write this; all thoughts and opinions are my own


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  1. Brandi says:

    Oh, they look amazing! There is nothing, NOTHING, that makes a women’s beautiful face the center of attention than a great brow shaping. I’m going to check out this challenge, because, HONEY…Mama needs to get herself together! (also not self deprecating, just the truth)

  2. Vanessa Irvin Morris says:

    They look great Rachee! I know what you mean by “getting gorgeous one step at a time.” I love it!

  3. You are pretty!
    I am glad she didn’t stress out about you freaking out about her prices. It sort of makes me sad when we all balk at prices. We know how much good services are worth and yet we still complain. : (

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