Excuses for not running

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I WAS supposed to get off my rusty dusty and run this past weekend, yesterday and yet again today but when the alarm went off I found myself being lulled back to dream land by Ukee Washington.

I have no valid physical reason for my inactivity but thought I would list every thought that runs through my head when I am supposed to be getting my huff on.

Please to enjoy!

  • It’s too cold (sister of it’s too hot)
  • I can’t find my iPod
  • I have the iPod, where are my headphones?
  • I have iPod and headphones, where are my sneakers?
  • I have iPod, headphones and sneakers; where is my gum?
  • Ohh! I never saw this video before (it was Rihanna?!?)
  • I feel fat (sad but true!)
  • One more chapter
  • One more row (the blanket never did get finished)
  • My favorite shorts are lost in the abyss that is my room
  • A cup (or three) of coffee is needed first
  • I need to watch the show I DVR’d last night (It was a Spongebob of all things!)
  • The kids are here
  • The kids are not here (so I took a nap)
  • Dinner is ready
  • It’s too dark (cousin of hot and cold)
  • It’s too windy (in all fairness, I did get dirt in my eye that time!)

My marathon date has almost come. I did not register; I work Sundays now. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it! But my 5K is coming. Tomorrow is another day and another chance to lace up my sneaks and give it a go.



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