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Yes. I skipped D to write about this.


A few days ago I was listening to the BBC World News (I’m classy like that) and heard a segment on the brouhaha surrounding one Samantha Brick. It seems Ms. Brick has written an article that declares she is more beautiful than other women and that is why they, we, hate her.

Samantha Brick is a genius! With such an incendiary statement she has caused her name to trend on Twitter, have people talking about her and causing a debate about beauty.

Anything I say about her looks will make me sound like a bitter hater so all I will say is I though will say this: you’ve got to admire the balls on that one! I admire the fact that this woman had the nerve to talk about how great she looks. So often we, women, me, will downplay any kind of positive compliment, feedback, anything in an effort to not appear cocky, conceited or arrogant. I have often made light of a lovely compliment I am given instead of thanking the person and agreeing.

I am a bit upset that during the interview on The Today Show she sort of back peddled and tried to tone down what she said. I say OWN IT! ENJOY it and be proud of the looks you got, man made or God Given.



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