Dust off Your Shelfies with These 4 Shows #streamteam

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r’s note: I am honored to be a member of the Netflix Streamteam. Each month join me for shows I am watching and enjoying.

Confession…I am a digital hoarder. I hoard patterns on Ravelry with the thought that someday I will abandon my standby scarf (a pattern I have memorized) and create something new. Pins on Pinterest, again with the thought that I will so motivated that I am going to make some wonderfully awesome thing inspired by pins. Now, my hoarding has crept on over to my Netflix queue and honestly, my queue is out of control.

It didn’t start that way; I would be scrolling through the suggestions looking for something to watch but that something had to be a thing I could only half watch as television is always accompanied by me playing a round of Candy Crush (yeah, I still play), crocheting (I have to look at each stitch), doing some neglected household chore, or mindless background noise while I read a book. All of the “sit down and actively pay attention” selections were added to my list, reserved for that special moment when the stars would align and the house would be clean and I would allow myself time to just relax. Plus, I kept feeling like I needed to be in the right mood to watch some things on Netflix. Subtitles meant that I couldn’t fall asleep to the TV. Serials meant that I needed to keep track of who was who and there were some things I thought would stress me out and these things made television watching a chore and found me dialing up another episode of Futurama.

Dang! Who knew television watching was so complex?!

Here is a list of my shlefies with the excuses for not watching and solutions to get them watched.


Girl on a Bicycle


Subtitles. I felt that I could not watch because they need to be read.

Dedicate a night to watch with an easy knit pattern from my Ravelry queue!

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  1. Bri says:

    I always tell myself I am going to start watching a new series, but end up watching something I know I will like for sure. Knitting is a skill I want to pick up.

    1. Rachee says:

      I keep watching the same ole same ole too!

  2. I am so bad about sticking with my old standbys when it comes to movies that I like! I am so afraid to try something new LOL

  3. I will have to check this out! I am in a Netflix rut and have been trying to find something new.

  4. sacha says:

    Im glad that you’re part of the Netflix team. Now I can be informed of good quality movies to watch through your blog.

  5. deborahdennert2014 says:

    The ‘woman on the bike’ kinda looks like a younger Julia Roberts. Trailer is a little confusing but I think that is the point of the movie. Definitely want to watch to see if it is true… does love conquer all?

  6. Censie says:

    Adding this to my list. I love finding new movies to watch. I want to see it!

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