Don’t Believe the Hype

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In which I experience time in the Urban Jungle

r’s note: Gah!

Thursday I had an opportunity to visit a local elementary school to spread the word about the upcoming summer reading program at my library. After a rousing game of phone tag, e-mail chase and some face to face, um, ambushes, the principal and I set up a time to that I would stop over and visit each class and share the joys of reading.

My nerves were shot! In addition to me being “on” I was a little anxious about visiting school. As ‘they’ have been saying, the school district where my library is located has a less than stellar reputation and there have been tales told that range from sad to downright pity. And despite my love of books and love of what  do, I still get nervous when I’m in front of a roomful of kids who are not my regulars (preschoolers that is). This anxiety coupled with the whispers of ‘These kids aren’t interested in books”.

My visit went well. Each class that I visited was excited about the summer reading program, excitd and easger to hear all about the


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