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Last Friday I attended a CSD meeting for librarian and library types throughout Delaware County. The meeting was part recap for summer (it sucked, ’nuff said) and part training.  We pow wowed about ideas for the summer, things that work for each library, and just shared ideas.  The training part came in the form of discovery stations, something that could be set up in the library to be shared with families that may not be able to make it to regularly scheduled storytimes.

My idea, the five senses, is something that I have done before and after calming myself the heck down, I was able to come up with some fun ideas that would be able to be shared with people without the whole of storytime, not stress me out about cleaning up afterwards (yes, I am a bit married to my stuff) and be accessible.
The other librarians had cool ideas that I am going to liberally use.  They even provided all of the supporting literature for us to re create at our own space!
Here are pictures from the day.
As I typed I realized I didn’t get pics from Prospect Park* or the UD Teen. Oh bother! I guess I will be forced to do this sooner rather than later at my spot!
My station, The Five Senses.
Sheesh! I am a mess!
Juliette and I ‘chatting’ on the phone

UD: Picking Apples

MA’s Rhyme Time


RA’s Five Senses Center


FS Tree Center

Working on my next station!

*Every time I think of Prospect Park I think of Whoopi Goldberg from Ghost: Willie? Prospect Park Willie?
I couldn’t find a clip to share with you all but believe it; it’s funny.


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  1. Dan.Eliot says:

    Great Post and nice pics too..


  2. Dan.Eliot says:

    Great Post and nice pics too..


  3. Dan.Eliot says:

    Great Post and nice pics too..


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