Did Someone Say Downward Dog?

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I rescind all anti-yoga statements. While I am not the wrap my leg around my body type just yet, I am certainly willing to practice to get there. Buffy and I have been working out together daily frequently on occasion, and she has convinced me to schlep along my abandoned mat and try Kimberly Fowler’s Yoga for Runners. As a a yoga lover, my sister has been trying to convince me to join the dark side for a while.

Wow. I can see the light!

I am not sure what I am more excited about: the fact that the stretches are actually helping my runs or that the great outdoors is indeed a marvel! While stretching I have been feeling some muscles that I have not felt in a while. Practicing outdoors is a sensation in itself. The sun warming you as you strike a pose, the fresh air gently caressing your skin, the lush sounds of birds and squirrels…Ahhhh! Although I am not ready to even think about, oh, I don’t know, Sirsha-asana, I am ready to challenge myself. My heel is not as sore, my back is a little tight but I will concede that I have sucky posture and the computer chair I use is a hot mess.

Yoga is still something that I have to make myself do. It’s not fun and it is oh so more challenging than running the track; something about the quieting your mind and junk. I can and will say that after my few short practices, I have felt a bit looser and more relaxed as I head home (or to Starbucks) and guzzle my coffee and plan my day. Otherwise, I am so there!

Practicing the chair,



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